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Current Special – Video Verification

Alarm Systems in Greensboro, NC


Why should I choose ALARM ALERT, LLC to protect my home, family, or business?

ALARM ALERT, LLC is a full service life safety solutions company specializing in the sales and installation of residential and commercial burglar alarms, medical alert, video surveillance, and access control systems. As an affiliate of Security Networks, the combined companies serve over 700,000 customers.

What is two-way voice communications?

Two-way voice allows hands-free communication throughout your home directly to our UL listed central station without the use of a telephone. The security system has a speaker and microphone that allow audio monitoring and two-way conversations with monitoring personnel only when the security system is activated. This feature is of a great service for instances of medical, fire, and home invasion. False alarm dispatches are greatly reduced and you will not need to wait for a phone call from a monitoring center. Our operators can quickly identify and confirm the emergency resulting in a faster higher priority response by the authorities.

Do I need a home phone to be monitored?

No. ALARM ALERT, LLC can install a Digital Cellular Communicator, which allows any signal to be sent via radio signals to the central station. This unit can also be used in addition to traditional landline communication.

Can I get a discount on my homeowners insurance policy?

Yes. ALARM ALERT, LLC will provide you with a Security System Ownership Certificate that you can present to your insurance company. Typical discounts range from 5%-20% with the maximum given if a fire system is also installed.

I am not happy with my current alarm company.  Can I switch companies?

Yes. The professionals at ALARM ALERT, LLC are experienced with all alarm system manufacturers. Call now for information on how simple and affordable this can be. Rates start as low as $19.95/month.

Will I have to pay for service calls?

Your monthly monitoring rate can include repair service that insures that you will not pay more then a $25 trip charge for any repair. Your security consultant can provide you with the entire service warranty.

Is the monitoring rate guaranteed not to increase?

Yes. The monthly monitoring rate will not increase for the entire term of the agreement.

What is the cost to install a security system?

The cost of a residential or commercial security system depends upon the level of protection desired. Your security consultant can design a system that not only meets your needs but also your budget. Call now to hear our current WEB SPECIAL or to arrange for a FREE SECURITY ASSESSMENT of your home or business.