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Going green — it’s a beautiful (and cost-saving) color.

HomeTouch puts you in control of your entire home, not just your security system. Save energy by adjusting your lights and thermostats from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Even turn on and off certain household appliances remotely. It’s effortless home management at your fingertips.

  • Set automatic ‘smart schedules’ and triggers for your lights and thermostats so you can save energy while you’re away

  • Schedule your lights to come on for a certain period of time each day while you’re out of town, giving the appearance that you’re home

  • Create geo-based schedules that automatically adjust your thermostats to a desired temperature while you’re on your way home

Go Green with HomeTouch Interactive Services

We’re all looking for ways to save money these days, including reducing energy bills through reduced consumption. AlarmAlert makes that possible with HomeTouch interactive services.
When your alarm system includes HomeTouch, you can access your thermostats for instant adjustment any time of night or day. You can also control both interior and exterior lighting with the touch of a button.
Are you planning to be away from home for an extended amount of time? You can program your lighting and thermostats accordingly. Moreover, if you need to make changes while you’re on the road, simply login to your account using your computer, smartphone or tablet and make the programming changes necessary.

HomeTouch can save you money by reducing power consumption as well. Reduce heating and cooling needs when no one’s home, adjust lighting to take advantage of your departure and arrival, and soon.
Saving energy remotely has never been easier. Contact us at AlarmAlert today to see what HomeTouch can do for you.