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Burglar alarms in North Carolina in Greensboro, NC


Using HomeTouch interactive services, you can view live and recorded video of your property at any time on your computer, smartphone or tablet. According to a study by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, nearly 60% of convicted burglars in the study said they consider the presence of cameras when deciding on a target.


    • Receive a captured still image of your property whenever motion is detected
    • Get text or email alerts with clip or picture attachments to notify you when your cameras record motion activity
  • Access a searchable library of recorded video clips
  • Keep track of activity around the house: when your child left and returned home from school; who knocked on your door during the day; and more

Video Surveillance Is Not Just for Business

You’ve likely noticed video surveillance cameras installed at your local bank or other businesses. What you may not know is that those same cameras are available to homeowners as well. That’s right; video surveillance is not just for businesses and government entities.

When you add video surveillance to your home security system, you’re adding an additional layer of deterrence. Why? Because a burglar knows that surveillance systems can provide video evidence capable of leading to a conviction. He’s more likely to move on to a different target. However, there’s more to it than simply deterring burglars.

HomeTouch gives you access to remote surveillance; you can get live camera feeds in real-time using a mobile device. If you are expecting the kids home from school at a specific time, just access your cameras to make sure. You can even look back at previous recorded video feeds if there’s something you need to see from a previous day.

For peace of mind, you can set up custom alerts that will notify you whenever motion is detected by your cameras. You’ll receive still photos along with those alerts. With video surveillance, your home will never have to be out of reach again. You’ll always know what’s happening inside your home every moment of the day.